Fornicrate 4, Paranoidoxica, Probes R Us 3

FORNICRATE 4 MIMI:               What’s up, Hot Wing Nation. Mimi here! Hey, you know what I want to talk about—besides the greatest birds in America? ForniCrate.                     I know, I know, I can hear what you’re saying, “Isn’t that just another one of those dumb subscription boxes like HomeCannibal or […]


Iron Tyrant Part 4

SFX:    Dramatic Sting. LEPTON:    Welcome back; I’m your host Lepton Brown and this is the live season finale of Iron Tyrant. We’re going to bring all of this week’s doomtestants back to the judgment hexagon to answer to me, Comptroller Beens, and special guest judges the artist known only as Britamatone, the psychic entity Mauve, […]


Iron Tyrant Part 3

MFX:    Return Cue LEPTON:    Welcome back to Iron Tyrant. When we left off, Professor Quantus Verblanskowicz had put thousands of Fleevians to work mining ore for a giant smashing machine. The trouble is that the planet Fleeve is relatively poor in ores and minerals. QUANTUS:    SMASH! SMASH! HATE! LEPTON:    Quantus will likely have to import […]


Phantaseta, Probes R Us 2, Fornicrate 2, Edible Jewelry

Phantaseta SFX 1: A lovely chime. NARRATOR: Are you alone again this Valentine’s season? WHISPER: PHANTÁSETA.(fan-TAS-it-uh) NARRATOR: Are the pressures of your civilization making it hard for you to find true love? WHISPER: PHANTÁSETA. NARRATOR: Then consider planning a trip to Phantáseta, the beautiful home planet of the Phantasetans in the Mooper Sector. WHISPER: PHANTASETA. […]


Iron Tyrant Part 2

LEPTON:    Welcome back to Iron Tyrant with me, your host Lepton Brown. Our doomtestants have been whipping up a little bespoke Apocalypse for the cultists of the planet Fleeve.      Doomtestant Gandra has been planning… something; she won’t tell us, and doomtestant Malmo Zarathustra hopes to wow the judges with a fireworks spectacular.  Doomtestant Quantas’s […]