Vote in the Audio Verse Awards

https://audioverseawards.net/vote/ (Until October 17th)

The voting period for the Audio Verse Awards is now open! Please head to audioverseawards.net/vote to vote now. That’s a-u-d-i-o-v-e-r-s-e-a-w-a-r-d-s- dot n-e-t slash v-o-t-e. As of this recording, their main website page does not have a vote link, so you have to include slash vote to get there.

Please vote for the Hollow Below in the new show categories. Please vote for Kakos Industries and The Never Rad Miscellany in the other categories. For some reason Kakos Industries isn’t listed under the directing category, and it’s probably too late to fix that, so just vote with your heart. 

If you need some other suggestions, Kane and Feels, StarTripper, True Tales of the Illuminati, and Amelia are also great, among many others. 

This is probably the fastest voting experience I’ve had yet, and the categories make it easy to vote for stuff even if all you’ve heard is Kakos Industries, the Hollow Below, and the Never Rad Miscellany. So, this is not a difficult process. Just head to audioverseawards.net/vote and give us those votes. 

This is the same announcement in the Kakos and Never Rad feeds, so if you’ve listened once, you don’t have to listen again. Unless you didn’t vote. Then go vote.

Thank you.