Sputnik and Greeb – Industry

Do you work in one of spaces only 3 industries? The Sputnik and Greeb Law Group can help with your workers compensation claim.

SPUTNIK: Have you been injured in a space mining accident?

GREEB: Have you suffered physical discomfort as a crewmember of a starship?

SPUTNIK: Are you some kind of smuggler?

GREEB: These three industries account for approximately 90% of the galactic workforce, but as much as 99% of all on-the-job injuries each cycle.

SPUTNIK: I’m Gorglax Sputnik

GREEB: And I’m Marty Greeb.

SPUTNIK: If you’ve been hurt on the job, YOU deserve representation, and the Sputnik and Greeb Law Group is here to help.

GREEB: Don’t let the space mining company, starship agency, or duly-appointed civic authorities cheat you out of compensation that you deserve.

SPUTNIK: Especially if you live on a weird backwards planet that still charges for medical care.

GREEB: Workplace injuries are never your fault, no matter what the security footage might say.

SPUTNIK: Don’t take a lowball offer from your employer. Don’t settle. Land your escape pod at the Sputnik and Greeb Law Group moonbase and ask for Gorglax and Marty.

GREEB: We’ll fight to make sure YOU get every credit you’re entitled to.

SPUTNIK: Call today at 224-225-5723.