The Never Rad Miscellany is the brain child of veteran audio drama podcaster Conrad Miszuk, creator of Kakos Industries. The Never Rad Miscellany is a podcast that produces a variety of dramatized audio fiction, all with a focus on science fiction or the surreal. This project was created to merge the international nature of entertainment on the Internet and the local artistic community in Phoenix, Arizona. The majority of the Never Rad Miscellany will be recorded live in front of an audience in Phoenix. Find tickets or subscribe!

Conrad Miszuk

Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Producer

Conrad Miszuk is a writer, musician, filmmaker, and podcaster from Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated with a film degree from Arizona State University, and worked for a time as a television editor. He created the popular audio drama Kakos Industries in 2014, and is now the creator and director of the Never Rad Miscellany. He also writes Digiternia and is many of the voices. The Universe isn’t quite sure why it made Conrad, but it’s feeling pretty neutral about it now.

Briauna Kittle

Writer | Dark Sovereign

Blash’uka Kathular (Translation: Briauna Kittle) burst into existence at a very young age. With an impossible name to spell and a can-do attitude, Briauna tore open the fabric of time and space to deliver The Dark Sovereign upon this mortal world. Other hobbies include stealing souls for her ghost army, channeling the voices of those long dead, and crochet.

Kitt Keller

Writer | Phoenix Lights

Kitt Keller is an eldritch being from Tempe, AZ. She was born and raised in either Phoenix or the remotest corners of the Andromeda galaxy, where she learned podcraft, gene splicing, tentacle karate, and rhythmic gymnastics. She lives in a yellow brick house with untold numbers of dust mites, all named “Jim” and loves to read, sleep, eat tacos, drink milkshakes, and then do all of those things again. She writes Phoenix Lights and Spy Team Spy! and does voice work for [TBD]. A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla, Kitt also writes poetry; her tweets can be found @thekittkeller and her instagram is @kittkeller, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into, you creep. Find basically no information at all about Kitt at

Matt Braman

Writer | A Gentleman About Space

Matthew “Matt” Braman is a writer and musician from Phoenix Arizona. He has been performing original music at local venues for over 20 years. An alumnus of the Scottsdale Community College Motion Picture and Television Program, Matthew has worked on feature films including the Academy Award-winning Transamerica. You can hear some of Matt’s music at Email him at

Cody Hazelle

Sound and Tech

Cody Hazelle is a Phoenix-native producer and songwriter specializing in psychedelia. Lately he’s been way too into Chess and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Megan Taliaferro


Megan Taliaferro is a writer, project manager, and co-producer from Chandler, AZ. She graduated Arizona State University with a degree in Business Communication. Megan has an intense love for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, Dragon Ball Z, her stray cat named The Great Saiyawoman, long-form novel-writing, and drinking wine while cooking and cleaning. Like a mature adult.