Sputnik and Greeb – Haunting

A message from our sponsor, the Sputnik and Greeb Law Group. We get it: nobody wants to hear ads. But the Never Rad Miscellany brings you the best products from the best advertisers. Every ad we take helps us keep the podcast running! (Sputnik and Greeb is not a real law firm. Do not attempt to hire Sputnik and Greeb. Sputnik and Greeb is written by Kitt Keller, and features the voices of Conrad Miszuk as Gorglax Sputnik and Matt Braman as Marty Greeb)

SPUTNIK: I’m…Gorglax Sputnik.

GREEB: And I’m…working on recovering my licensure.


SPUTNIK: Has the disembodied voice of an eldritch horror begun haunting your thoughts?

GREEB: Does it disturb your dreams?

SPUTNIK: Have you begun to doubt your very worth as a being?

BOTH: The Sputnik and Greeb Law Group can specialize—

SPUTNIK: [aside to Greeb] I can do this one— [to ‘camera’] The Sputnik and Greeb Law Group has years of experience with restraining orders.

GREEB We absolutely do!

SPUTNIK: And we can get YOU the temporary or permanent injunction YOU need to ensure your peace of mind.

GREEB: Remember: if you can pronounce it, we can litigate it.

SPUTNIK: Call the Sputnik and Greeb Law Group

BOTH: Today.