Sputnik and Greeb 1

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(Sputnik and Greeb is not a real law firm. Do not attempt to hire Sputnik and Greeb. Sputnik and Greeb is written by Kitt Keller, and features the voices of Matt Braman as Gorglax Sputnik and Conrad Miszuk as Marty Greeb)


SPUTNIK Have you been personally injured in a space collision, Death Star implosion, away team mission, or wormhole malfunction? I’m Gorglax Sputnik.

GREEB And I’m Marty Greeb.

SPUTNIK The Sputnik and Greeb Law Group is here to tell you:


SPUTNIK You don’t have to take crumbs from some insurance company looking to sucker you out of what you deserve. Sputnik and Greeb will fight for YOU. Broken bones, burns, tentaculitis, red-shirting, permanent disfigurement, force-related injuries: if you can pronounce it, we can litigate it.

GREEB Call now at 224-225-5723 to get what YOU deserve.