Never Rad Live (on Twitch) April 23rd, 2021

neverrad.com/twitch 7PM MST/PDT April 23rd, 2021

First of all, thank you for clicking the link that played this audio file. I can already tell that you are intelligent and conventionally attractive and getting moreso by the minute. If you would like to add hipster cred to your already amazing personality (hipster in a good way though, not the lame way), grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the Never Rad Miscellany Live show at neverrad.com/twitch, while it is happening, before it was cool. It’s sci fi, its comedy, its music, its goofin around, and its a good gosh darn time. Someday when you tell your kids about it, they will respect you more and be sure to provide excellent care in your old age. Don’t die wondering what it would have been like to listen to The Never Rad Miscellany Live Show, Friday April 23d 2021, 7:00PM mountain standard slash pacific daylight time. Get off your beautiful ass and go to Neverrad.com/twitch and click follow to be notified when the show starts friday April 23d. You are fairly unlikely to regret it and I mean, it’s on your phone and computer and stuff so you can leave that beautiful bum right where it’s at. Love and Kisses, the Never Rad Miscellany. What’s that? I should repeat the date and spell the URL? Okay, here goes, check us out Friday, April 23th, 7pm mountain standard slash pacific daylight time at n e v e r r a d . c o m / t w i t c h. Are we done here? hot damn get me a biscuit.