Hot Boy Villain Awards Part 6

Vol. 8, Part 6, the final segment of the live holostream of the 273rd annual Hot Boy Villain Awards. (Part of our live stream on Twitch from 8/28/2020.  Follow at neverrad.com/twitch)



TANGELO:    This is it folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Before I announce the final award winner of the night, I just want to take a moment to thank our sponsors, the judges, all the Hot Boy Villains, and you, the audience at home.  You have all made tonight truly special. If you had told me, back when I was doing stand-up routines in jail, that I would someday be hosting the Hotties, I would have said, “Wow. Want to buy some drugs?” and now that I’m here, I can hardly believe it. It’s like a dream come true.  Okay, enough gushing, it’s time for the big tamale.  The winner of “You Think You Could Change Him” is…


TANGELO:    Xavier Darkmoon! That’s thirteen Hotties for Xavier. Holy macaroni. Get back up here, you scamp.

BRAIDEN ZORG:    (OFF MIKE) No! No, no, no, no, no!

TANGELO:    Who is that? Braiden Zorg? It seems we have a disgruntled nominee approaching the dais. Braiden, stop. Security? Hey, give that back- (OFF MIKE) Security!

BRAIDEN ZORG:    I will not stand by and let this, this, this whiny poser win another award. He stinks! I am the hottest boy villain! This is stupid, you are stupid, everyone is stupid. Give me the Hottie!

TANGELO:    (OFF MIKE) No. This is for Xavier.

SFX 2:    (MIC DROP)

BRAIDEN:    (OFF MIKE) Give it!



TANGELO:    (OFF MIKE) Ow! (ON MIKE) (OUT OF BREATH) He got me. A Hottie straight to the gut. Where we at on the bandages Barry? Barry? Well, folks. It looks like that’s it for old Tangelo. And this year’s Hot Boy Villain Awards. Everybody stay bad, stay hot, and make sure to- (COUGH) make sure to visit Gerwick’s for all your clothing (COUGH) stuff. Goodnight everybody.



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