Phoenix Lights 4 – A Woman’s Work

Pal and Emma start to talk through more of the details of the scientific phenomena the Blaise team was investigating when Allan Blaise vanished. But their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of General Hillibrand, who’s determined to shut down Pal’s investigation for good. Phoenix Lights is written by Kitt Keller and features the voices […]


Pet Sitting

You have reached the voicemail box of Gurglon Pinchubrintz. Pet Sitting is written by Matt Braman and features the voices of Ryan Jenkins as Nebbix, William Crook as Mrs. Fleese, Ricco Machado-Torres as Joburn, Jenae Hirsch as Chadrick, Kitt Keller as the Answering Machine, and Matt Braman as Gurglon Pinchubrintz. Sound by Conrad Miszuk.


Peaceful Digiternia Heights 6 – Dreams

Good news for the residents of Peaceful Digiternia Heights: dream mode has been activated!  Peaceful Digiternia Heights is written by Conrad Miszuk, and features the voices of Conrad Miszuk as Wyatt, Jenae Hirsch as Vivian, Ricco Machado-Torres as Maximillian, William Crook as Phillip, and Kitt Keller as Computer. Music, sound effects, and editing by Conrad […]