Space Meds 1

Do you suffer from Space Madness? Galactrosine may be right for you.

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NARRATOR: Space Madness. We’ve all heard of it—the stories of starship captains hallucinating interstellar squid monsters, cosmonauts suddenly believing they’re trapped in some kind of evil mirror universe, otherwise reasonable space pilots losing grip with reality and opening all the airlocks for no apparent reason. Space Madness is no silent killer—in fact, it’s usually quite loud, especially towards the end.

Risk factors for space madness include long-term space travel, frequent teleporter usage, and spending more than 115 consecutive hours alone in an uninhabited zone; if you have experienced one or more of these factors over the past 5 standard galactic periods, you may still be at risk for developing space madness.

That’s why there’s Galactrosine. Galactrosine is an annual injection designed to treat and prevent outbreaks of space madness. Galactrosine works by spectrolyzing the the neural pathways responsible for causing space madness. Patients taking Galactrosine had a 98% reduction in space madness symptoms over one galactic standard period. Embodied visual hallucinations, facial disconnectivity, and glossolalia all decreased significantly.

Remember: there are many places in space where people can hear you scream. Talk to your doctor about Galactrosine. Before it’s too late.

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Space Meds was written by Kitt Keller, featuring the voice of Ryan Jenkins, with Kitt Keller reading the stage directions.

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