Volume 1 Intermission

Your call is important to us. Please remain on the line. Intermission written by the Never Rad Miscellany. Answering machine voice played by Jenae Hirsch. Music by Matt Braman. Give them all some money at www.patreon.com/neverrad The Never Rad Miscellany is produced and directed by Conrad Miszuk and is recorded live at The Rebel Lounge […]


The Dark Sovereign Episode 1

The crew of the collector ship Lucis has been sent out on a mission to explore the extremely-literally-named planet Hunk o’ Gray. Satellite information indicates the planet might—just might—support life. Scientist Tamara is excited to get the chance to be the first human to encounter interstellar life forms, while Captain Parker is cautious…well, skittish…well, really, […]


Interstitial: Yotota Theseus

We get it: nobody wants to hear ads. But the Never Rad Miscellany brings you the best products from the best advertisers. Every ad we take helps us keep the podcast running! (Yotota Theseus is not a real product. Do not attempt to purchase Yotota Theseus. Yotota Theseus is written by Matt Braman, and features […]


Peaceful Digiternia Episode 1 – Waking Up

After a long and full life, one-time computer security expert Wyatt Carney dies…then finds himself in Peaceful Digiternia Heights, a digital afterlife server that was abandoned decades ago while still stuck in Version 1.0. He’s got no way out, no way to talk to the outside world, and a constant companion in the form of […]


Volume 1 Introduction

CONRAD: Greetings and welcome to the premiere of the Never Rad Miscellany. My name is Conrad Miszuk and I am the director of this project. What you are about to see and/or hear is the finest surrealist and science fiction known to this arm of the galaxy. I know. I checked. It understandably took a […]


Never Rad Show #1 June 5th, 2019

The never Rad Miscellany is a live table read of audio science fiction scripts in the style of Thrilling Adventure Hour meets The Twilight Zone. We have four new series that will be premiering in this performance: Peaceful Digiternia Heights, an exploration of an abandonware digital afterlife; Phoenix Lights, a 1940s noir about alien visitation; […]