Vocal Butter & Sputnik and Greeb Election

Talk like Conrad! The Sputnik and Greeb Law Group is working for YOU.


CONRAD:     Hi there. I’m Conrad Miszuk. You may know me from podcasting, and if you don’t, that’s probably for the best. I’ve been in the industry longer than some people on the Never Rad team have been alive, and during that time, I’ve been complimented on the sweet dulcet tones of my lucious voice. And who could blame them? Have you heard me speak? Of course you have. (GENTLE CHUCKLE) 

And so, in an effort to share my glory with the rest of humanity, I’ve developed Conrad’s Vocal Butter. Conrad’s Vocal Butter is guaranteed to bring your voice the deep seductive tones it’s been missing to really make the ladies in your life say, “Wow, I hope this beautiful-voiced person doesn’t start talking about the uncontrollable foot fetish they ‘definitely don’t have.’” 

Made of only the finest salted butters imported directly from Poland and serenaded with tales of youth from yours truly, Conrad’s Vocal Butter can be used in many ways. Bathe in it, massage it into your supple body, spread it on the most delicious of grilléd cheeses; apply Conrad’s Vocal Butter however you please and I guarantee my voice will be deep in your vocal folds with three uses with absolutely zero uncomfortable side effects. 

CUSTOMER:    I used Conrad’s vocal butter one time, and I already sound just like Conrad. Even down to my most basic mannerisms. I whole-heartedly recommend Conrad’s vocal butter to anyone for literally any reason. Get yours today and thank me space tuesday.

DISCLAIMER VOICE:    Conrad’s Vocal Butter cannot be held accountable for signs of increased horniness from yourself or others, existential dread, a desire for feet, losing time to podcast creation, existential dread, inability to close tabs, or saying phrases guaranteed to make all your friends and coworkers uncomfortable on a molecular level.

CONRAD:     So buy my butter today. You can trust me; I have a film degree.


SFX 1:            Gavel.

SPUTNIK:    I’m Gorglax Sputnik.

GREEB:    And I’m Marty Greeb.

SPUTNIK:    Have you just decisively lost a free and fair democratic election, but you’re not done throwing a tantrum about it?

GREEB:    We will gladly take your money to litigate.

SPUTNIK:    Are you trying to convince your greatest supporters that there’s a fight left to fight so that you can continue to elicit their donations?

GREEB:    We will gladly take some of those donations in exchange for prolonging the fruitless legal battles.

SPUTNIK:    Listen to one of our happy customers.

SCENE 2: Courtroom

SFX 2:    Gavel.

JUDGE:    So was there someone in the room for the counting of the space ballots?

GREEB:    Yes, your honor.

JUDGE:    Not you. You’re on probation.

SPUTNIK:    There was a non-zero number of people from the candidate’s party in the room, your honor.

JUDGE:    Then what are we doing here?

SPUTNIK:    That is a great question, your honor.

JUDGE:    Get out of my sight.

SPUTNIK:    With gusto. That’ll be 8,690 credits, Mr. Galactic Mayor.

SFX 3:    Gavel.

SPUTNIK:    At the Sputnik and Greeb law group, we’re not done until

BOTH:    You!

SPUTNIK:    Say we’re done.

GREEB:    Or you run out of money.

SPUTNIK:    Call Sputnik and Greeb today. (224)225-5723.

GREEB:    Today.


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