Enjoy this exclusive clip from upcoming popular TV show #TURNT. What’s up with Alex and Sam?

Turnt was written by Matthew Braman and featured the voices of William Crook as Sam and Ricco Machado-Torres as Alex.

ALEX: Whoah, hey! What up, my guy? Funny running into you here. I haven’t seen you in, like, wow. Almost a year? You look great. That black leather jacket is sick. How have you been?

SAM: Dude, I’m turnt.

ALEX: You’re what?

SAM: I’m turnt. I’m just freaking turnt, you know what I mean?

ALEX: I do not. You just keep saying “turnt.” What the hell is turnt?

SAM: Okay, okay. It’s like, you know when you’re in the club and your favorite song comes on and you’re like, “Woooooo!”?

ALEX: I guess. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a club, actually.

SAM: Or like, when your team is down in the fourth quarter, and then at the last minute they make an amazing play and win the championship, and everyone around you is screaming and cheering?

ALEX: I haven’t watched a lot of sports ball. I’m kind of an indoor kid.

SAM: Okay, so, like, uhhhhh, okay. So it’s like you’re playing a video game and you’ve been trying to beat this one level all night and you keep losing and then you finally win and you go crazy?

ALEX: Okay, I think I get it.

SAM: And you know how sometimes you just roam the streets at night, brimming with energy and at the same time perfectly calm? Seeing everything and yet feeling nothing?

ALEX: Uhhhhhhh…

SAM: Nothing but a hunger. A hunger you cannot satisfy. Because food tastes like ashes. But your strength never diminishes. Which is weird, because you haven’t eaten anything in, like, eleven months. Since you went home with that dominatrix type person and they were into some really freaky shit and you, like, drank each others’ blood?

ALEX: I have to go now.

SAM: Chillax, my dude. It’s all cool. Let’s hang.

ALEX: Uh, no, I really have to- I have a thing- I have to get-

SAM: Shhhhhhh shush shush shush shush. There’s only one thing for you to get now. Turnt.