Never Rad Live Again In Person June 13th

The Newton in Phoenix, AZ at 3rd Ave and Camelback. Tickets at the $10 door. http://www.thenewtonphx.com/

Has your Milky Way gone Oat? Is your Kuiper Belt feeling tight? ? Is Uranus losing its luster? Come see the Never Rad Miscellany Live at The Newton Phoenix, Formerly Beefeaters at 300 W. Camelback, Monday June 13th at 6pm. They will cure your space madness with Live Science Fiction Audio Drama. Shop at Big Tony’s Discount Holodecks, Fix anything with Ship Tape, and enjoy the musical stylings of Outlaw Space Country legend, Zarth Wormholes. An astronomical value at just 10 earth dollars. Visit Neverrad.com for everything you could possibly ever need. Except Birds. Birds aren’t real.