Hot Pod Part 6

Drama is brewing among the Podtestants, and we hear from some more of our lovely (fake) advertisers.


MFX:    Back from commercials cue

HOSTBEING:    Welcome back to HotPod. The podtestants…and, uh, the producers…have just found out that fan-favorite Jahn Smythe isn’t who he appears to be. 

MFX:    Confessionals music cue 

NERF:    Hello, this is Jahn Smythe, perfectly normal human. Everyone likes me, and that is great. I like when people like me, for I am a normal human with normal feelings.

    It has been suggested that I am not Jahn Smythe, but instead I am captain Nerf who is hiding inside of the discarded husk of Jahn Smythe, who is in fact a horrible monster of some sort. This is ridiculous. Captain Nerf would not fit so easily and seamlessly inside of Jahn Smythe’s discarded husk. He was a small man, but he was so full of ice cream.

    No, it seems as though Captain Nerfleton Hedley no longer exists, and we should not look any further into that. He stopped existing in the usual way where he just disappeared without a trace. Perhaps his lack of ice cream is what did him in. The lack of the rest of the food as well. It was not a funny joke, according to I, Jahn Smythe, a human that everyone likes that Cthad ate all of the food. I do not feel pranked. I just feel well-liked by everyone without having to do anything. Everything is perfect.

    There is now an eldritch horror on board that is claiming to be Jahn Smythe, but let me ask you this: Who looks more like Jahn Smythe? The horror monster or me, your pal and well-liked person Jahn Smythe who definitely is not responsible for crashing the Hot Yacht into Alpha Phallus, the sex star. He is definitely not riddled with guilt for not saving hundreds of lives, and he definitely did not throw donuts at the steering controls as a sort of game to play alone in his underwear. He also feels no guilt for running to hide instead of steering the ship a few degrees to avoid any and all problems.

    Nerf is gone. Nerf is nothing.

    I do find this horror abomination to be quite friendly and personable, but as human Jahn Smythe who definitely answers to Jahn when addressed without hesitation, I am leery of monster abominations, even if all they want is love. Captain Nerf Hedley may have shown interest in sleeping with this monster, but I, Jahn Smythe, am repulsed by things that are not normal or not well liked.

    But I am also well-liked and compassionate Jahn Smythe who takes care of others, so I will show this monster the necessary compassion. It is easier than doing nothing at all, which is why I will do it.

    I am concerned about our future. We are out of food and the production company will not save us until we have made seventeen more episodes. I am afraid we will not last that long.

    Perhaps it would be smart for me to cut my losses and sever this space suit from its tether. The space ship has too many problems. Throwing this blade at the tether is easier than getting a donut to land perfectly on the steering stick, a fun game for humans that should not leave them feeling so guilty.

MFX:    End Confessionals music cue.

HOSTBEING:    Next week, on HotPod, everyone has crammed into the confessional booth space suit and they are now floating into deep space in violation of their contracts with the Centauri Broadcasting System. But luckily, the productionbots are still recording…

NERF:    Oh, God, what the hell am I stepping in?

CTHAD:    BOOM! PRANKED! What up, Bromigos!

JAHN:    What a humorous amusement, C’Thad. Also, I am so pleased to see you once again.

CTHAD:    Jahn?

NERF and JAHN:    Yes?

NERF:    Where did you all COME FROM?

CONTESSA:    That’s it! No more oxygen for you, Capt. Hedley—

NERF:    Jahn Smythe!

CONTESSA:     You’re no Jahn Smythe, believe me, and nobody’s fooled by that skin suit, Nerfleton Hedley!

CTHAD:    You know what? I don’t think you’re being a good friend right now.

CONTESSA:    I didn’t come here to make friends!

HOSTBEING:    All that, and more, when we return next week for another episode of Hot Yacht. I mean HotPod.  I mean Hot… Suit, I guess?  Just, tune in, okay?

MFX:                End credits music


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